Our Story

obsrd celebrates the culture of the cocoon phase. Whether established in entrepreneurship or just on the daily grind, we often look crazy chasing our dreams. Doubters beware because obsrd is here to usher in the hustle parade.

obsrd clothing was founded in 2018 by two sisters. The name embeds their legacy, quite literally. Olivia Briana and Savannah Rae Davis.

The name commemorates the beauty in building one's own lane. obsrd is for those who've been called out of their cubicles, 9 to 5’s and traditional career trajectories. In this world of cookie-cutter lives, OBSRD is the way of life for an unrendered species of butterfly entrepreneurs. Every design is originally crafted and shipped by the sisters. Black-women owned streetwear is here for everybody. Pretty absurd, we know.

 OBSRD butterflies logo